There is no limit in using necessary resources to maximize your comfort. Additionally to the airport services, Tiriac Air offers comprehensive services for customers, from assisting aircraft up to limousine hire or hotel reservations for passengers.

  • Basic handling and extended services for all types of aircraft
  • Limousine service on-request
  • VIP waiting room
  • Fully equipped Crew Rest (lounge, kitchen and shower)
  • Supervisory control
  • Hotel and limousine reservation for crew and passengers
  • Meeting room (8 people)
  • 24 hours service


We can take you anywhere. No exceptions.
Tiriac Air owns and operates an exceptional fleet of three aircrafts and one helicopter of different seating capacity, fully equipped to provide the very highest standards of safety and comfort.
Tiriac Air services are very well adapted to the modern and sophisticated business man, offering a greater choice in destinations. The aircraft seats and couches are comfortable and the interiors are decorated with rare wood essences, leather and fabrics. Our aircrafts are very well equipped with audio and visual in-flight systems, phone and Internet connection.


Bombardier Global 5000 corporate jet aircraft outclasses all competitors in one affirming declaration of style and performance. It provides unequalled comfort, at unmatched speeds and over unsurpassed distances.
Global 5000 will lead you to any place in the world, being able to offer you a smooth flight, regardless the weather conditions.


General characteristics

Crew:                                   2+1 Flight attendant

Capacity:                              13 passengers

Height:                                  7.57 m

Length:                                 26.34 m

Wingspan:                            30.3 m

Engine type:                          Rolls Royce BR710A2-20


Long Range Cruise Speed:                     Mach 0.88

Range at Normal Cruise:                       5022 nm / 9300 km

Takeoff Distance (MTOW, SL, ISA):       5.540 ft. / 1.689 m 


Total Interior Length:                 7.44 m

Cabin Length:                         14.74 m

Height:                                       1.90 m

Width:                                       2.50 m

Cabin Volume:                          59.43 cubic m

Baggage Volume (Gross):          5.5 cubic m


World class performance and true intercontinental range coupled with low operating costs combine to make it the superior choice in the mid-size category. 
Gulfstream G200 perfectly fits 9 passengers and travels mainly in Europe and Asia, but with a short stop for refueling, you can fly to USA as well. This aircraft is the perfect combination of comfort, enough room for luggage and the possibility of landing both on big and small airports.


General characteristics

Crew:                                    2+1 Flight attendant

Capacity:                              9 passengers

Height:                                  6.53 m

Length:                                 18.97 m

Wingspan:                            17.70 m

Engine type:                          PWC PW306A


Long Range Cruise Speed:                     Mach 0.75

Range at Normal Cruise:                       3,050 nm / 5,649 km

Takeoff Distance (MTOW, SL, ISA):       6,080 ft. / 1,853 m


Total Interior Length:                 7.44 m

Cabin Length:                           7.44 m

Height:                                      1.91 m

Width:                                       2.18 m

Cabin Volume:                          24.56 cubic m

Baggage Volume (Gross):        4.25 cubic m


Agusta Westland 139 is the new generation of twin turbo shaft-engined transport helicopters that establishes new standards in this category. Versatile and highly manoeuvrable, configured with seating for 8 passengers, this helicopter is outfitted with a spacious and comfortable cabin. Access to the luggage area is possible both from the outside and from passengers' cabin. 
Agusta Westland 139 is a fast and powerful medium-sized helicopter, configurable for an array of payloads.


Representing the new standard in value and customer experience in its class, Phenom 300E received further enhancements, becoming the most successful business jet of the past decade in its category.
Manufactured in 2022, YR-DDN, with its next-generation avionics, generous cabin space, revolutionary interior, industry-exclusive upper technology panel and the best-in- class cabin altitude that made it so popular, plus enhancements that reduce the cabin noise, Phenom 300E offers to our customers a very pleasant flight experience, in comfort and style.
With a maximum capacity of eight seats for the passengers, the passenger’s cabin is equipped with the innovative, ergonomic leather chairs, with improved dampers, adjustable headrests and retractable armrests.

General characteristics

Crew: 2 + 1 Flight attendant (on request)

Capacity: 8 passengers

Height: 5.1 m

Length: 15.6 m

Wingspan: 15.9 m

Engine type: PWC 535E1


Long Range Cruise Speed: Mach 0.74

Range at Normal Cruise: 2010 nm / 3733 km

Takeoff Distance (MTOW, SL, ISA): 978 ft. / 3209 m


Total InteriorLength: 5.23 m

Cabin Length: 4.50 m

Width: 1.55 m

Baggage Volume (Gross): Baggage compartments provides 66 ft3(1.86 m3)of storage space in theaft fuselage area,with loadcapacity of 463 lb. (210 kg) and 8 ft3 (0.23 m3)in the forward fuselage area, with load capacityof 110 lb. (50 kg);


Every private jet service is different. Our 18 successful years of service to the widest range of clients, have been ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and discretion.
What kept us as a favourite choice for our clients is the ownership of the entire fleet, a fleet supported by a dedicated team of technicians, ground support staff, grooming and VIP staff, all built into one team, always ready to serve.
Our experienced crews, of only captains, with more than 5000 individual hours on multi-engine aircraft, make the journeys pleasant and carefree. Every private jet service is different, we would like to invite you to try now, the best.


For receiving additional commercial information about our fleet and range capabilities please call us at +40.754.054.060. For any operational information you may reach us 24/7 at +40.754.054.063.
For any queries you may have, please send us an email at office@tiriacair.ro


Additional Ground Services
Being the only Agusta authorized maintenance service center in Eastern Europe, Tiriac Air offers its customers high standard services for Agusta helicopters, and also Part145 services for Gulfstream G200 and Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft.
Additional Ground Services

  • GPU, oxygen, washing, cleaning, fuel;
  • Heated hangar;
  • Aircraft maintenance equipment;
  • Aircraft overhaul provided by specialized personnel;
  • Assistance for business aircrafts.


Founded in 1997, part of Tiriac Group, the company reached the highest level of excellency, becoming the most prestigious charter operator on the Romanian market, specialized in VIP services and business travel.
Tiriac Air represents the only private Romanian entity to own a business terminal and being a fixed base operator. The company operates with a fleet comprised of three aircraft and one helicopter and running a Part145 approved maintenance base and offers a hangar facility.


Choosing the private terminal means enjoying rapid and exclusive handling, tailored care and private customs services. Positioned independently from the passenger terminal, the private terminal ensures higher efficiency and no waiting times, offering a more comfortable and carefree travel experience.


Address: Otopeni - Calea Bucurestilor 224G, PO-BOX: 21-17,Postal Code: 075150, Romania

Tel: +40 21 350 50 41/ +40 21 350 60 81

Fax: +40 21 204 22 24

Mobile: +40 754 05 40 60

Operational: +40 754 05 40 63 - Available 24/7

E-mail: office@tiriacair.ro